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Who are the Cuban Five?


Washington secretly paid journalists during trial

While the U.S. government prosecuted the Five, Miami journalists
who reported on the trial with extremely biased coverage were
secretly on the government payroll, unknown to the defense.

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3/21/14: Reciprocity: Uruguay’s Mujica asked U.S. to release 3 Cubans

3/21/14: Andrés Gómez: Now for the prompt return of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio / Ahora, por el pronto regreso de Gerardo, Ramón y Antonio

3/20/14: Solidarity with the Cuban Five grows in the Italian Parliament / Crece solidaridad con los Cinco en Parlamento italiano

3/20/14: The U.S.'s Terrorism Double Standard

3/14/14: International Commission in London calls on Obama to free the Five / La Comisión Internacional Commission reclama a Obama, ¡Libertad para los Cinco!

3/13/14: Irmita González speaks at the London Commission of Inquiry on the case of the Cuban Five

3/13/14: Preliminary conclusions of the Commission of Inquiry on the Case of the Cuban Five / Conclusiones preliminares de la Comisión investigadora sobre el caso de Los Cinco

3/7/14: René González Denounces US-Based Terrorism against Cuba / René González denuncia el terrorismo contra Cuba desde EE.UU.

3/7/14: International Commission on Cuban Antiterrorists Begins / Inicia comisión internacional sobre antiterroristas cubanos

3/7/14: British MPs Support Cuban Five / Parlamentarios del Reino Unido apoyan a antiterroristas cubanos

3/5/14: New study: Miami reporters on the U.S. government payroll and their role in helping convict the Cuban Five

3/4/14: British Government refuses visa for René González

2/28/14: Gloria La Riva interviewed by Feature Story News (Washington) (mp3)

2/28/14: Rueda de prensa de Fernando: La Libertad del Héroe común y corriente

2/28/14: Message from Victorville: From one giant to another / Mensaje desde Victorville: De gigante á gigante

2/23/14: Fernando González answers Cuban bloggers’ questions

2/23/14: Fernando González responde preguntas de Blogueros Cubanos

2/23/14: La cara del encuentro con este país

2/20/14: Cuba: Rene González Eyes Fellow Agent's US Release

2/20/14: Stephen Kimber speaking tour of Northern California, Feb. 25-Mar. 4

2/20/14: Un mural para Fernando

2/12/14: René González en Twitter: El diálogo es necesario, por todas las vías que podamos

2/10/14: Victorville Penitentiary home to one of Cuban Five / Victorville: Centro Penitenciario para uno de los Cinco Cubanos

1/30/14: Fernando González to leave prison soon! / Fernando González saldrá de prisión tras cumplir su injusta condena

1/18/14: President Nicolás Maduro Receives Picture made by Anti-terrorist Antonio Guerrero / Chávez en el pincel del antiterrorista cubano Antonio Guerrero

1/15/14: International Commission of Inquiry into the Case of the Cuban Five Scheduled for London, March 7-8 / Comisión Internacional de Investigación en el Caso de Los Cinco en Londres, 7-8 Marzo

1/15/14: New billboard campaign in Italy for the Five / Roma por los Cinco

1/14/14: Promotion for the International Commission into the Case of the Cuban Five, London, March 7-8

1/9/14: Bill Blum: The Sad, Outrageous Case of the Cuban Five

1/6/14: Media Plot against Five Cuban Antiterrorists Denounced in Twitter / Denuncian en Twitter complot mediático contra Los Cinco

12/27/13: New Year's Messages from the Five / Saludos de los Cinco por el Año Nuevo

12/23/13: End of year report from the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five (pdf)

12/11/13: Andrés Gómez: Nosotros le dimos la bienvenida a Mandela en las calles de Miami

12/8/13: Entrevista a René González: 'Un Fuerte Sentido del Deber con la Patria'

12/6/13: Antonio sends a message in honor of Mandela / Antonio envía un mensaje en honor a Mandela

12/6/13: Gerardo and Ramón send messages in honor of Mandela / Gerardo y Ramon envian mensajes en honor a Mandela

12/4/13: Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statement on Alan Gross and the Cuban FIve / Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Cubana Sobre Alan Gross y Los Cinco

11/30/13: Final Declaration of the IX Colloquium for the Freedom of the Cuban Five and Against Terrorism

11/19/13: Elian Gonzalez Criticizes U.S. Immigration Policy vs. Cuba / Elián González critica Ley de Ajuste Cubano

11/18/13: Universidades de EE.UU. sensibles al caso de antiterroristas cubanos

11/18/13: Hundreds plan Cuban Five solidarity actions in Cuba

11/18/13: Author and activist Alice Walker on the Cuban Five

11/18/13: 55 voices, one objective: The end of an injustice that has lasted for 15 years / 55 rostros, objetivo único la fin de una injusticia que dura desde 15 años

10/28/13: Transcript: Democracy Now speaks with René González and Ricardo Alarcón / Transcripción: Democracy Now conversa con René González y Ricardo Alarcón

 10/24/13: Democracy Now! devotes entire show to the Cuban Five, featuring interviews with René González and Ricardo Alarcón

10/22/13: Supplemental motion by Attorney William Norris on behalf of Ramón Labañino addressing the threat of government-paid journalists to the integrity of the jury process (pdf)

10/22/13: Ramon Labañino: You and We Are the Five / Ustedes y nosotros somos los Cinco

 10/19/13: Gloria La Riva confronts Bill Richardson about the Cuban Five / Gloria La Riva confronta a BIll Richardson en el caso de los Cinco Cubanos

10/7/13: Bombing of Cubana 455 remembered in Barbados

10/6/13: Stephen Kimber en el Washington Post: “Los Cinco Cubanos estaban combatiendo el terrorismo. ¿Por qué los encarcelamos?”

 10/4/13: Decisivo fallo de un tribunal federal en el caso de los Cinco

10/4/13: Stephen Kimber in the Washington Post: The Cuban Five were fighting terrorism. Why did we put them in jail?

9/25/13: Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the PCJF interviewed by LeftVoices about the recent court decision ordering the government to produce documents about payments to journalists during the trial of the Cuban Five (mp3)

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Attorney Bill Norris on Yellowstone Public Radio

An exceptional interview on the case of the Cuban Five with Ramón Labañino's attorney

 Click to listen:

On The Legal Front
Press conference with Martin Garbus

Renowned lawyer Martin Garbus, called "legendary, one of the best trial lawyers in the country" by Time magazine, has joined the team of lawyers appealing the convictions of the Cuban Five. In early June Garbus and Supreme Court specialist Thomas Goldstein, together with long-time Cuban Five lawyer Richard Klugh, filed a motion in U.S. Southern District Court, seeking an evidentiary hearing and the right to discovery on behalf of Gerardo Hernández, in his Habeas Corpus appeal. This motion relates specifically to the issue of U.S. government payments to members of the Miami media during the trial of the Five, journalists whose coverage helped to add to the already poisonous atmosphere in Miami against the Five.

Listen to Garbus explain the latest developments at a June 13, 2012 press conference:

Raising the VISIBILITY of the struggle
Full-page ad in the Washington Post!

On April 30, 2012, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five published a full-page ad in the Washington Post, where it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. This effort to raise the visibility of the demand to free the Five was thanks to a year-long joint fund-raising efforts of Cuban Five committees worldwide.

Help Expose Government's Secret Operation
Washington secretly paid Miami journalists during Five’s original trial

The National Committee to Free the Cuban five has uncovered substantial information about the U.S. government's secret collaboration with the media, through several Freedom of Information Act petitions. This new evidence is a vital part of the Cuban Five's current legal appeals. Research into the U.S. government's illegal propoganda operation is ongoing


Media Took US Gov't Cash During Trial of Cuban Five

Evidence that conviction of the Cuban Five was influenced by journalists on the State Dept. payroll

By The Real News | 10:07 min.

Read the latest > 

Extradite CIA AssasSin Luis Posada Carriles
Wanted for terrorism in Venezuela, Cuba, and Central America;
Living in Miami, protected by the U.S. Government

Luis Posada Carriles is the most notorious of the many Miami-based terrorists who the Cuban Five were monitoring and preventing from carrying out further acts of terrorism against the people of Cuba and others around the world. His most notorious crime was masterminding the mid-air explosion of Cubana Flight 455 in 1976, killing all 73 people on board. He is wanted in Venezuela on 73 counts of murder, and the U.S. government has been studiously ignoring the Venezuelan government's extradition request.


Brian Becker at the Posada Tribunal

Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition speaks at the Posada Tribunal held in El Paso, TX on Jan. 2011, the night before the beginning of the sham trial of Luis Posada Carriles on illegal immigration charges.

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five video | 17:13 min.

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