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T-Shirts: Now in FULL COLOR!

Beautiful full-color (new!) printing on black cotton pre-shrunk t-shirts, Union-made. Help make their struggle visible!

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Bumper Stickers (English and Spanish):

Vinyl, magnetic bumper stickers, good for cars, refrigerators or other metal surfaces.

$5@ Language:  

Videos (DVDs):

Posada Carriles: Terrorism Made in USA

A brand-new (May 2007) 90-minute documentary from renowned Venezuelan filmmaker Angel Palacios that documents the terrorist path of Posada Carriles and his longstanding relation with the CIA, dating back to the 1960's. The result of two years of meticulous research of an investigative team that examined declassified documents and criminal files, and interviewed witnesses and survivors from several Latin American countries, this is a must-see film.

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Mission Against Terror

A 48-minute documentary, which shows the 45-year history of terrorism against Cuba, and tells the story of the five men known as "the Five" whose mission was to help put an end to that terror. There's no better film to introduce audiences to the case of the Five than Mission Against Terror. NTSC only.

English and Spanish versions are available. Indicate the desired language with the pop-up menu below. You can do this more than once to order multiple languages on one order.

1 copy, $20   Language:  

In the Wrong Body

The moving story of Mavi Susel, the first transgender person in Cuba to receive a sex reassignment operation, 1988. Directed by Marilyn Solaya, 2010, 52 minutes. Also with Cuba's Campaign Against Homophobia, a 10 minute documentary from CENESEX. Both films in Spanish with English subtitles. NTSC only.

U.S. only: 1 copy, $20 + $5 shipping    

Outside of the U.S.: 1 copy, $25 + $10 shipping    


Voices From the Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba


256 pp plus b&w photos, 2010

A must-read for all supporters of the Cuban Five and of the Cuban Revolution and opponents of terrorism, Bolender's book documents not just the cases of terrorism known to all (the 1976 plane bombing, the 1997 hotel bombings) but the entire 50-year history of terrorism, including the bombing of the La Coubre, attacks on coastal villages, the terror campaign against literacy campaign workers, and more. It also discusses the blockade and the Cuban Five in the same context. Highly recommended! Read a review here.


Letters of Love and Hope:
The Story of the Cuban Five


200 pp plus b&w photos, 2005

Introduced by Alice Walker, with a preface by Cuban poet Nancy Morejón, this book includes excerpts from diaries, letters from and to children, wives and parents of the five Cubans imprisoned in the United States for "espionage conspiracy," providing a glimpse of how ordinary families strive to maintain connections in extraordinary circumstances.

It also includes legal analysis of the case by attorney Leonard Weinglass, outlining how it has significantly violated both international law and the U.S. Constitution.

"The story of the Cuban Five is one of courage, great sacrifice and love. It is a story for the ages; especially for those of our people who have suffered under the implacable oppression of white American supremacy, a rule of color and power the rest of the world appears destined to experience." -Alice Walker

What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five

Read the review by Ricardo Alarcón, who calls this "the most complete book available in English on a subject that Americans have had little access to," and: "It is not a lengthy work, difficult to read; quite the opposite. Its light and clear language allows readers to move along the episodes of the conflict, and finish in a few hours a story that captured them from the first page. It is the work of a master journalist, a great writer, and above all an honest intellectual committed only to what he could verify on his own."

The book is somehat expensive, so we are not stocking it directly in our store. Instead, you can purchase it by clicking below:

In hardcover:
From the publisher (in Canada)
From Amazon.com

As an e-book


El dulce abismo - música y razón

Physical CD (US Only: $4 shipping for first copy, $2 each additional): $8 @ 

Physical CD (Outside US: $8 shipping for first copy, $4 each additional): $8 @ 

El dulce abismo is a compilation of music by well-known Cuban singers. The album is dedicated to the Five Cuban Heroes, with songs carefully selected to represent the struggle the Cuban Five are enduring in five US prisons far away from their homeland, friends and loved ones.

By special arrangement with the publisher, Producciones Abdala S.A., the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five is delighted to be able to offer copies of this splendid album, with all proceeds going to the Five Freedom Fund. The album is available in physical (CD) format.

Song list:

  1. El dulce abismo - Silvio Rodríguez
  2. Yo sacaré lo que en el pecho tengo - Sara González
  3. Hombre que vas creciendo - Pablo Milanés
  4. Regresaré - Polo Montañez (Listen to a short sample)
  5. Créeme - Aurora de los Andes y Vicente Feliú
  6. No lo van a impedir - Amaury Pérez
  7. Ausencia - Liuba María Hevia
  8. Su propia guerra - Kiki Corona
  9. Ahora mujer que estás lejos - Lázaro García
  10. Amor eterno - Coro infantil de Rosa Campos
  11. Alto al fuego - Santiago Feliú (Listen to a short sample)
  12. No olvides que una vez tu fuiste sol - Augusto Blanca
  13. Canción desde otro mundo - Miriam Ramos
  14. Cuando salgas luna llena - Noel Nicola, Santiago Feliú
  15. Son los sueños todavía - Gerardo Alfonso et al.
  16. Batalla de Santa Clara - Omara Portuondo
  17. El necio - Silvio Rodríguez

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