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Lawyer: Posada Must Pay for Terror

Jan. 12, 2007
Reprinted from Prensa Latina

José Pertierra

Havana, Jan 12 — Lawyer Jose Pertierra, representing Venezuela in the extradition process of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, demanded the US punish that criminal for terrorism.

After hearing about the formal accusation against Posada by a US federal jury for perjury and fraud, Pertierra said on Thursday he is a confessed terrorist, so he must be tried for murderer and terrorism.

"According to law," stated Pertierra, "when a federal accusation is formally presented as in this case, Posada Carriles cannot be extradited to Venezuela, but this new situation does not impede the trial in US for being a terrorist, as international treaties obliges."

"The jury recently recognized what we have always said about the way Posada Carriles entered the US, on the Santina boat, is untrue," Pertierra noted.

"We are pleased to try him for perjury, but Posada is a murderer, responsible for the explosion in mid air of a Cuban airplane in October 1976 that killed 73 people," pointed out the lawyer.

The Copacabana Hotel,
after the terrorist murder of Fabio Di Celmo

Posada Carriles should be presented early next week before a judge from the Federal Court, where he could receive a sanction up to 35 years imprisonment: 10 years for the fraud crime and five years for each untruth given to migratory authorities.

Panelists speaking at the Cuban roundtable TV program stated that the US has three international treaties of which it is signatory and this obliges it to act for the crimes Posada has committed.


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