Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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Reflexions by President Fidel Castro Ruz

The Brutal Reply

by Fidel Castro
Apr. 10, 2007
Reprinted from Daily Granma

George W. Bush is undoubtedly the most genuine representative of a system of terror forced on the world by the technological, economic and political superiority of the most powerful country known to this planet. For this reason, we share the tragedy of the American people and their ethical values. The instructions for the verdict issued by Judge Kathleen Cardone, of the El Paso Federal Court last Friday, granting Luis Posada Carriles freedom on bail, could only have come from the White House.

It was President Bush himself who ignored at all times the criminal and terrorist nature of the defendant who was protected with a simple accusation of immigration violation leveled at him. The reply is brutal. The government of the United States and its most representative institutions had already decided to release the monster.

The backgrounds are well-known and reach far back. The people who trained him and ordered him to destroy a Cuban passenger plane in midair, with 73 athletes, students and other Cuban and foreign travelers on board, together with its dedicated crew; those who bought his freedom while the terrorist was held in prison in Venezuela, so that he could supply and practically conduct a dirty war against the people of Nicaragua, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and the devastation of a country for decades to come; those who empowered him to smuggle with drugs and weapons making a mockery of the laws of Congress; those who collaborated with him to create the terrible Operation Condor and to internationalize terror; the same who brought torture, death and often the physical disappearance of hundreds of thousands of Latin Americans, could not possibly act any different.

Even though Bush’s decision was to be expected, it is certainly no less humiliating for our people. Thanks to the revelations of "Por Esto!" a Mexican publication from the state of Quintana Roo later complemented by our own sources, Cuba knew with absolute precision how Posada Carriles entered from Central America, via Cancun, to the Isla Mujeres departing from there on board the Santrina, after the ship was inspected by the Mexican federal authorities, heading with other terrorists straight to Miami.

Denounced and publicly challenged with exact information on the matter, since April 15, 2005, it took the government of that country more than a month to arrest the terrorist, and a year and two months to admit that Luis Posada Carriles had entered through the Florida coast illegally on board the Santrina, a presumed school-ship licensed in the United States.

Not a single word is said of his countless victims, of the bombs he set off in tourist facilities in recent years, of his dozens of plans financed by the government of the United States to physically eliminate me.

It was not enough for Bush to offend the name of Cuba by installing a horrible torture center similar to Abu Ghraib on the territory illegally occupied in Guantánamo, horrifying the world with this procedure. The cruel actions of his predecessors seemed not enough for him. It was not enough to force a poor and underdeveloped country like Cuba to spend 100 billion dollars. To accuse Posada Carriles was tantamount to accusing himself.

Throughout almost half a century, everything was fair game against our small island lying 90 miles away from its coast, wanting to be independent. Florida saw the installation of the largest station for intelligence and subversion that ever existed on this planet.

It was not enough to send a mercenary invasion on the Bay of Pigs, costing us 176 dead and more than 300 wounded at a time when the few medical specialists they left us had no experience treating war wounds.

Earlier still, the French ship La Coubre carrying Belgian weapons and grenades for Cuba had exploded on the docks of Havana Harbor. The two well synchronized explosions caused the deaths of more than 100 workers and wounded others as many of them tool part in the rescue attempts.

It was not enough to have the Missile Crisis of 1962, which brought the world to the brink of an all-consuming thermonuclear war, at a time when there were bombs 50 times more powerful than the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It was not enough to introduce in our country viruses, bacteria and fungi to attack plantations and flocks; and incredible as it may seem, to attack human beings. Some of these pathogens came out of American laboratories and were brought to Cuba by well-known terrorists in the service of the United States government.

Add to all this the enormous injustice of keeping five heroic patriots imprisoned for supplying information about terrorist activities; they were condemned in a fraudulent manner to sentences that include two life sentences and they stoically withstand cruel mistreatment, each of them in a different prison.

Time and again the Cuban people have fearlessly faced the threat of death. They have demonstrated that with intelligence, using appropriate tactics and strategies, and especially preserving unity around their political and social vanguard, there can be no force on this earth capable of defeating them.

I think that the coming May Day celebration would be the ideal day for our people, --using the minimum of fuel and transportation-- to show their feelings to the workers and the poor of the world.

Fidel Castro Ruz

April 10, 2007

Castro accuses Bush of freeing convicted terrorist Posada Carriles

Apr. 10, 2007

Havana - Cuba's ailing leader Fidel Castro accused US President George Bush on Tuesday of having ordered the release from custody of a convicted terrorist who is a fugitive from Venezuelan justice, in an article distributed to local media.

'The ruling last Friday by Kathleen Cardone, federal court judge in El Paso, Texas, releasing Luis Posada Carriles on bail could only have originated in the White House,' Castro wrote in an article titled Brutal Response.

The Cuban leader's reaction followed a US judge's ruling to deny a motion by the prosecution to delay the release of Posada, who escaped from a Venezuelan prison in the mid-1980s for bombing a Cuban airliner and killing all 73 persons on board.

He was also convicted in Panama in 2000 for attempting to murder Castro, but was pardoned four years later by a Panamanian president closely allied with the US.

It was the third article in three weeks published by Castro, who delegated his powers to his brother Raul on July 31, and the first that focused on a topic specifically tied to Cuba. In the previous two, Castro harshly criticized Bush and the White House policy on promoting bio-fuels.

Castro called Bush the 'most genuine representative of a system of terror that has been imposed upon the world through technological, economic and political superiority of the world's superpower,' and accused him of 'covering up at every turn the criminal and terrorist character' of Posada.

The Cuban president said the White House protected the anti-Castro crusader Posada by charging him only with a minor immigration violation, instead of deporting him. If Posada were to be expelled from the US, he could face extradition back to Venezuela.

'The government of the United States and its most representative institutions had decided from the beginning to free the monster,' Castro wrote. 'The fact that Bush's decision was expected does not lessen the humiliation' for the Cuban people.

Castro also noted that that he had publicly denounced the illegal entry of Posada into the US exactly two years ago this week.

'The US government delayed more than a month before arresting the terrorist, and then took more than one year and two months before recognizing that Luis Posada Carriles had entered Florida illegally aboard the Santrina, a US-registered ship.'

Castro accused the US government of protecting Posada, who has longstanding ties with the Central Intelligence Agency and has led several attacks against the island, including the 1976 bombing of a Cubana de Aviacion passenger plane.

Posada was convicted in Venezuela for being one of the masterminds of the airliner bombing, but he escaped from prison after eight years, and quickly joined US-directed covert counter-insurgency operations in Central America.

Cuba also accuses Posada of masterminding the bombing attacks at Cuban tourist sites in 1997, which claimed the life of one Italian tourist.



Reflexiones del Comandante en Jefe

La respuesta brutal

por Fidel Castro
10 de abril de 2007
Reimprimado de Granma Diario

El más genuino representante de un sistema de terror que ha sido impuesto al mundo por la superioridad tecnológica, económica y política de la potencia más poderosa que ha conocido nuestro planeta, es sin duda George W. Bush. Compartimos, por ello, la tragedia del propio pueblo norteamericano y sus valores éticos. Solo de la Casa Blanca podían proceder las instrucciones para el fallo dictado por Kathleen Cardone, jueza de la Corte Federal de El Paso, Texas, el pasado viernes, concediéndole la libertad bajo fianza a Luis Posada Carriles.

Fue el propio presidente Bush quien eludió en todo momento el carácter criminal y terrorista del acusado. Se le protegió imputándole una simple violación de trámites migratorios. La respuesta es brutal. El gobierno de Estados Unidos y sus instituciones más representativas decidieron de antemano la libertad del monstruo.

Los antecedentes son bien conocidos y vienen de muy atrás. Los que lo entrenaron y le ordenaron destruir una nave cubana de pasajeros en pleno vuelo, con 73 atletas, estudiantes y otros viajeros nacionales y extranjeros a bordo, además de su abnegada tripulación; los que, estando preso el terrorista en Venezuela, compraron su libertad para suministrar y prácticamente dirigir una guerra sucia contra el pueblo de Nicaragua, que significó la pérdida de miles de vidas y la ruina del país por décadas; los que le dieron facultades para contrabandear con drogas y armas a fin de burlar las leyes del Congreso; los que con él crearon la terrible Operación Cóndor e internacionalizaron el terror; los que llevaron a la tortura, la muerte y muchas veces a la desaparición física de cientos de miles de latinoamericanos, era imposible que actuaran de otra forma.

No por esperada la decisión de Bush es menos humillante para nuestro pueblo, porque fue Cuba la que, partiendo de las revelaciones de "Por Esto!", órgano de prensa del Estado mexicano de Quintana Roo, complementadas después por nuestros propios medios, supo con toda precisión que Posada Carriles entró desde Centroamérica, vía Cancún, hacia Isla Mujeres, desde donde, a bordo del Santrina, después de ser inspeccionada la nave por las autoridades federales de México, se dirigió junto a otros terroristas directamente a Miami.

Denunciado y emplazado públicamente el gobierno de ese país con datos exactos sobre el tema desde el 11 de abril del 2005, demoró más de un mes en arrestar al terrorista y tardó un año y dos meses en reconocer que Luis Posada Carriles entró ilegalmente por las costas de la Florida a bordo del Santrina, un supuesto buque-escuela matriculado en EE.UU.

De sus incontables víctimas, de sus bombas contra instalaciones turísticas en años recientes, de sus decenas de planes financiados por el gobierno de Estados Unidos para eliminarme físicamente no se dice una sola palabra.

No era suficiente para Bush haber ultrajado el nombre de Cuba instalando en el territorio ilegalmente ocupado de Guantánamo un horrible centro de tortura similar al de Abu Ghraib, que al ser conocido causó espanto en el mundo. La cruel acción de sus antecesores no le parecía suficiente. No le bastaban los 100 mil millones de dólares que obligaron a gastar a un país pobre y subdesarrollado como Cuba. Acusar a Posada Carriles era acusarse a sí mismo.

A lo largo de casi medio siglo, todo era válido contra nuestra pequeña isla a 90 millas de sus costas, que deseaba ser independiente. En la Florida se instaló la más grande estación de inteligencia y subversión que había existido en el planeta.

No bastaba la invasión mercenaria de Girón, que costó a nuestro pueblo 176 muertos y más de 300 heridos cuando los pocos especialistas de Medicina que nos dejaron no tenían experiencia en heridas de guerra.

Antes había estallado en los muelles del puerto de La Habana el buque francés La Coubre, que transportaba armas y granadas de fabricación belga para Cuba, causando con sus dos explosiones, bien sincronizadas, la muerte a más de 100 trabajadores y heridas a otros muchos en plena faena de salvamento.

No bastaba la Crisis de Octubre de 1962, que llevó al mundo al borde límite de una guerra termonuclear total, cuando ya existían bombas 50 veces más poderosas que las que estallaron sobre Hiroshima y Nagasaki.

No bastaba la introducción en nuestro país de virus, bacterias y hongos contra plantaciones y rebaños, e incluso, aunque parezca increíble, contra seres humanos. De laboratorios norteamericanos salieron algunos de estos patógenos para ser trasladados a Cuba por terroristas bien conocidos al servicio del gobierno de Estados Unidos.

A todo esto se añade la enorme injusticia de mantener en prisión a cinco heroicos patriotas que, por suministrar información sobre las actividades terroristas, fueron condenados de forma fraudulenta a sanciones que alcanzan hasta dos cadenas perpetuas, y soportan estoicamente, cada uno de ellos en cárceles diferentes, crueles maltratos.

Más de una vez el pueblo cubano ha desafiado sin vacilar el peligro de morir. Demostró que con inteligencia, usando tácticas y estrategias adecuadas, especialmente estrechando la unidad en torno a su vanguardia política y social, no habrá fuerza en el mundo capaz de vencerlo.

Pienso que el próximo Primero de Mayo sería el día ideal para que nuestro pueblo, con un mínimo de gasto en combustible y medios de transporte, exteriorice sus sentimientos a los trabajadores y los pobres del mundo.

Fidel Castro Ruz

10 de abril del 2007


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