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CODEPINK's "Most Wanted" Campaign Targets Luis Posada Carriles for Terrorism

Call for Notorious Terrorist to be put on FBI Most Wanted List and Arrested

CONTACT: Medea Benjamin (415) 235-6517
Nancy Mancias (415) 342-6409
Dana Balicki (202) 422-8624

CODEPINK: Women for Peace, the most visible anti-war group in the country, will be in Miami on January 12-14 to launch its Most Wanted Campaign, focusing on infamous Miami-based terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. In 2008, the FBI launched a new 20-city billboard ad campaign targeting the Most Wanted Criminals and Terrorists, with Miami one of the target cities. But Miami's most notorious terrorist, Posada Carriles, is not on the list. CODEPINK is calling for the FBI to put Posada Carriles on the Most Wanted List and for our government to arrest or extradite this dangerous man to Venezuela, where he is a wanted on 73 counts of first degree murder for the bombing of a civilian airliner.

  • Saturday January 12th, 11am-6pm
    Distribute Wanted Posters around Miami community, including Little Havana Meet 11am at Versailles Restaurant (3555 SW 8th St) or 1pm at Radio Miami (3009 NW 7th St)
  • Sunday January 13th
    All day and overnight vigil at symbolic location (for details call 415-235-6517)
  • Monday January 14th
    9am Press Conference at Miami FBI office
    16320 Northwest 2nd Avenue, North Miami Beach 12 noon Rally at Office of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 8660 West Flagler Street, Suite 131

"George Bush claims nations that 'harbor terrorists.. .are just as guilty as the terrorists and [they] will be held to account.' Yet Posada Carrilesóknown as the Osama bin Laden of Latin America‚ÄÄîlives freely in Miami," says Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange. "The Bush administration's failure to detain or extradite Luis Posada Carriles makes a mockery of the war on terror."

"Attacking civilians is reprehensible no matter who does it and for what 'cause'", says Jodie Evans of CODEPINK. "All terrorists must be brought to justice, and that includes Posada Carriles. That's why we have put him on our Most Wanted List."

For more information on the Most Wanted Campaign visit


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