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20 Countries Affected by Terrorist Actions During Month of August

Criminal actions executed by terrorist groups trained and financed by the CIA during the month of August alone affected 20 countries in a lapse of 39 years.

by Roberto Perez Betancourt
Aug. 2, 2007
Reprinted from Cuban News Agency

Of the over 70 machine guns attacks, bombings, hijacking of planes and vessels, assassinations and threats between 1959 and 1998 during the month of August each year, Cuba has suffered major consequences. In addition, 49 attacks have also involved foreign lands and properties.

In the US alone, especially in Miami, 22 incidents have been recorded that explicitly involved US authorities who protect terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch and others who carry out their activities in the state of Florida under Washington’s protection.

The long list of nations that in some way have been affected from terrorism includes the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Japan, Britain, France, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Italy, Chile and the former Soviet Union.

As early as August 4th, 1959, terrorist actions destroyed four Cuban C 46 planes valued at a half a million dollars each. With their delivery, they were being stowed in a hanger at Air International Corportation in Miami.

This was only an example of what would later come: 12 pirating actions in maritime waters surrounding the island.

On August 1, 1963, three fishing vessels were attacked in the El Sombrero Canal in the Galindo Key area in Matanzas province, some 100 kilometers east of Havana, by a group of terrorist on board an artillery speed boat from the US.

The same day the following year, the Cuban Manuel Ascunce Domenech merchant ship was attacked, causing the death of a sailor.

Another action prevented, on August 1, 1974 when terrorists Luis Manuel Zúñiga, Miguel Sales and Rodolfo Juan Verdecia were captured by units of the Revolutionary Navy in waters close to Boca Ciega, north of the city of Havana, as they were attempting to infiltrate the island.

Cuban embassies in other nations have been the target by the CIA. On August 1, 1975, terrorists placed a bomb in the Costa Rican embassy in Washington. On the second of the same month, in 1968, the target was the Cuban embassy in Japan, where the losses came to thousands of dollars.

Without taking into consideration the dramatic consequences of their actions, the criminals selected air communications as the target of sabotage attempts on August 6, 1969.

On that day, the so-called terrorist organization Poder Cubano placed bombs in travel agencies in France and Japan.

On August 8, 1994, Roberto Aguilar Reyes was assassinated after being kidnapped in Havana province from an auxiliary vessel belonging to the Cuban Revolutionary Navy. He was abducted by an individual who escaped to the US, where he freely walks the streets of Miami today.

The criminal did not even respect the region. On August 28, 1998, he placed bombs in the MIDEN centers during the performance of Francisco Repilado, known as Compay Segundo, at Amnesia Club in Miami.

That same day people from the audience were violently attacked after attending a cocert by the Cuba group Los Van Van, while Hotel Seville received bomb threats in the same Florida city where the Cuban star Rosita Fornes was scheduled to perform.

There are many more terrorist activities that could be listed that were executed under different US administrations by their own agents and mercenaries. Throughout history have not respected borders in their zeal to cause damage and murder innocent civilians.


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