Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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Another spirited picket at the U.S. Consulate in Vancouver

Nov. 9, 2006
by Noah Fine

"Nothing of this is excess confidence,
almost incredible but I am not alone;
I have hands that compromise other hands,
Truth that always is germinating…"

With this inspiring quote from a poem by Antonio Guerrero - one of the Cuban 5 - the Free the Cuban Five Committee in Vancouver began its 11th picket action.

After an opening by the picket's MC Jane Ivanova, Free the Cuban 5 Committee coordinator Noah Fine welcomed over 40 people to the protest action at the U.S. on Consulate on Nov 9th. The picket began with unified, loud and energetic chants: "Freedom for the 5!", "Free the Cuban 5 now!", which could be heard throughout the busy, dark streets of downtown Vancouver.

The second speaker was Andrew Barry, a student at the University of Victoria and an organizer with Victoria Goods for Cuba and Victoria in Solidarity with Venezuela. Andrew passionately spoke about the hypocrisy of the government of the United States which is claiming to fight a "War on Terror" all around the world and yet remains guilty of imprisoning the 5 brave Cuban heroes, who went on a life-risking mission in Miami to stop U.S. sponsored terrorism against Cuba.

Next up Aaron Mercredi, a board member of Redwire Native Youth Media connected the struggle of the Cuban 5 to that of Leonard Peltier, an activist in defence of Indigenous rights who has been illegally imprisoned for over 30 years. The diverse program of the picket was continued by Felipe, an organizer with Friends and Family of Political Prisoners in Mexico. Felipe outlined the recent injustices in Oaxaca, Mexico and called for immediate release of the Cuban 5 and all political prisoners fighting for justice and humanity.

The final speaker of the protest was John Waller, Canada's coordinator for the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba. John outlined the importance of solidarity work done by many groups all around the world. John closed the action with an inspirational statement that in the end justice will prevail and the 5 Heroes will be free.

This picket action made it clear for all participants that the support for the 5 here in Vancouver is growing and that there is more determination than ever to do everything we can to free these Five Heroes!

Please continue to check back at our website for upcoming actions to Free the 5 Cuban Heroes!



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