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Cuban not libre: ‘Freed’ prisoner held in US

Nov. 2, 2011
Reprinted from RT

Olga Salanueva

The US has freed Rene Gonzalez, one of the Cuban Five – a group of intelligence officers branded terrorists, but he still can’t leave Florida to meet his family.

Gonzalez was arrested together with four other officers and jailed on charges of spying and terrorism. Cuba insisted they were in the US hunting a group of anti-Castro exiles who were planning terrorist attacks in the communist state.

He served his 13-year sentence in a federal prison in full. But US authorities are forcing him to stay in America to serve a three-year probation period.

RT caught up with Gonzalez’s wife, Olga Salanueva, who said the case had been biased from the start.

“It turned out US authorities paid the media to paint the case in black,” Salanueva argues.

“The media labeled them spies and terrorists, charged and sentenced them from the very beginning. Those who had the full information picked out the details that were in line with the accusations.”

She claims that those people kept doing this for twelve years.

“When you take a newspaper or turn on the TV or the radio which speaks of five spies, and then you get a summons to testify on the case in court, you come biased. You have to either be very smart, or to have a lot of information. But neither in the US, nor elsewhere, are people informed enough.”


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