Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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Salvadorans Demand Punishment for Posada Carriles

Jan. 11, 2011
Reprinted from InsideCostaRica

SAN SALVADOR - Due punishment for international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and his crimes was demanded outside the US Embassy on Monday by representatives of Salvadoran organizations.

Leaders of the Salvadoran Coordinating Committee of Solidarity with Cuba gathered outside the US Embassy in San Salvador to address a letter to President Barack Obama, demanding justice against Posada Carriles.

The demonstrators expressed their outrage because the criminal is being tried only for lying to immigration authorities, in a proceeding scheduled to start today in El Paso, Texas.

The letter was received by diplomat Cornelius Crawling, who identified himself as human rights attaché of the embassy.

"It is outrageous that the US judicial system is trying Posada Carriles, a confessed terrorist, for a misdemeanour," they say in the document read by Miguel Arevalo, who is president of the Committee.

Lawyer Raul Martinez told Crawling and other diplomats about the large criminal record of terrorist actions committed by Posada Carriles, and denounced the US governments complicity with his activities and those of other organizations operating with absolute freedom from the United States to attack Cuba.

Martinez recalled that while that policy is maintained, five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters, also known as The Cuban Five, remain unjustly in prison in the United States for defending their country from those criminal actions.

He also recalled that Carriles confessed his involvement in the blowing up of a Cuban civil plane off Barbados, killing all 73 people on board, on October 6, 1976, and also admitted having organized a terrorist network in Central America to plant bombs in hotels and other tourist facilities in Cuba in the late 90s. Crawling received the letter and made no comment.

Members of the Committee gathered outside the embassy carrying Cuban flags and banners expressing solidarity with Cuba and demanding the release of The Cuban Five.


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