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Seattle Teacher's Union hosts Antonio's art exhibit

Opening reception Thurs., Jan. 12, 2012

Jan. 10, 2012

Ken Matsudaira and John Martinez

With an opening reception on Thursday, Jan. 12, the American Federation of Teachers Local 1789 of Seattle, Washington, is hosting the beautiful exposition of paintings by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five unjustly imprisoned more than 13 years.

The M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery, home of the exposition, is centrally located in downtown Seattle at the main campus of Seattle Community College, 1701 Broadway. The opening reception is 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Thurs. Jan. 12.

Ken Matsudaira, director and curator of the gallery, has been working diligently to prepare the exposition. He says, "We are very excited to be able to host Antonio's art to reach to the community with the powerful message of his paintings and to tell the story of the Cuban Five. We feel privileged to host his art." He has also highlighted several poems of Antonio's in the exhibit.

John Martinez, organizer of the exposition and member of the AFT Human and Civil Rights Committee, says, "It is our hope that once our faculty members, staff, students, and the public are aware of Antonio's story, as well as the others, they will seek ways to help the Cuban Five win justice."

The M.L. King Central Labor Council, representing 130 union locals and 75,000 members, sent notice of the Exposition to all delegates of the council. There has been extensive outreach to all four College Campuses. Several programs will be held at the gallery to educate the public about the Cuban Five. The local chapter of National Committee to Free the Cuban Five will provide literature at the reception and through the showing. The exposition is an important way to break through the media censorship of the Cuban Five's 13-year-long battle for freedom.

A few days before his current transfer from Florence prison to a still-unannounced location, Antonio Guerrero expressed his appreciation to director Ken Matsudaira and to John Martinez for their support of him and his brothers, as well as the care and sponsorship of his paintings.

Martinez says, "In voting to sponsor Antonio's art show, From My Altitude, the Executive board of our union draws on the union tenet that 'an Injury to One is an Injury to All.'

"The union recognized the grievous nature of the human and civil rights violations committed against the Five, and the urgency to use this art show to further educate our membership, college staff, students and the public about this situation."

If you live in the Seattle, be sure and bring your friends to see the inspiring exposition!

Help organize a public event for the Cuban Five in your area!

Whether it is a public forum with speakers and a film on the Cuban Five, or if your community can host the art exhibit of Antonio Guerrero, if you can volunteer with our committee now or intern with us for a semester if you are a student, or intern during the summer, contact us today! There is so much more to do to win the Five's freedom. Any time you can give will contribute.


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