Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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An open letter from Livio Di Celmo

Seeking justice for the murder of Fabio Di Celmo, innocent victim of terrorism

Montreal, 24 march, 2009

National Lawyers Guild
National Jury Project
Center for Constitutional Rights
American Association of Lawyers
International Association of Democratic Lawyers

Honorable members of Jurists Associations, National Lawyers Guild, ladies and gentlemen,

When governments and institutions fail to defend, protect and obtain justice on behalf of their citizens who are victims of terrorist actions, we, the family members of these innocent victims are driven to take extraordinary steps to seek justice for the loss of our loved ones.

This letter is addressed to you because your associations are comprised of the leading experts on the United States justice system and international law. Among you there are individuals with a proven record of integrity, having been involved in seeking justice in various parts of the world on behalf of those who have been victims of terrorism, genocide, torture, exploitation and other atrocities.

I have recently become aware of the Alien Tort Claims Act which permits civil lawsuits against persons or organizations in the US which sponsor or support terrorism, even when the victim is a foreigner on foreign soil and I believe it is applicable to my brother's case.

March 20, 2009 is the 4th anniversary of Louis Posada Carriles’ arrival to US territory. Most of you know the background of this fanatic and his participation in acts of terrorism over the past 5 decades, including the bombing of a Cubana Airliner in mid air in 1976 killing 73 civilians.

In 1997 a series of hotel bombings occurred in Havana and Fabio Di Celmo, my brother, an Italian/Canadian tourist was killed. The bomb was planted on Sep 4, 1997 in the hotel lobby by a mercenary hired by Posada Carriles. The stated goal of the campaign was to disrupt the flow of tourism to Cuba. Logistics and financing for the operation originated in the US.

Plenty of evidence is available. All the pertinent details of those crimes can be found in sources such as the 1999 UN Human Rights Commission report by Special Rapporteur Enrique Bernales Ballesteros and Peter Kornbluh’s National Security Archives library of declassified files. It is clear that various actors are ultimately responsible for my brother's death. These include government agencies, as well as Cuban American politicians and organizations that have been directly and indirectly linked to terrorist activities against Cuba.

I have sent an open letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder explaining the facts and pleading for his assistance in helping my family obtain justice by declaring Posada Carriles a terrorist and extraditing him to Venezuela, pursuant to that countries extradition request, to stand trial for the 1976 Cubana Airliner bombing. I am still waiting for a reply.

In addition, Grand Jury investigation in New Jersey, in relation to the financing of the 1997 bombings in Cuba, has been dragging on for several years now. Although there is plenty of evidence available, no charges have been laid. Louis Posada Carriles, his terrorist associates, and the individuals and organizations that make part of his inner circle continue to be allowed to live freely in the US.

With this letter, I am hoping that I’ll get your support in my quest for justice.

It is quite a challenge, but if legal action against those responsible is successful, hopefully with your help. justice will be achieved not only for Fabio Di Celmo, but also for the many past victims of terrorism against Cuba.

Most importantly, innocent lives may be saved. In Cuba as in the US, from this kind of violence in the future.


Livio Di Celmo,

Brother of Fabio di Celmo (1965-1997) victim of a terrorist bombing spree of Cuban tourism installations.


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