Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos
Support for the Cuban Five in Bangladesh

by Jahangir Khan
Sept. 18, 2011

On the 15th of September in Barisal, Bangladesh, a thousand participants attended a conference with the slogan Free the Cuban Five. The conference collected 5000 signatures for suporting the Cuban Five. The meeting was presided by SM Iqbal, Presedent of the Barisal press club. Poet Ahmed Kaiser, Vipin Gupta, Chairman and editor of World News, India, Mr. Ri Kawn, deputy head of DPRK embassy, Dhaka, and Mr . Mainuddin Ahmed, researcher at Al Mostofa University in Iran, spoke in the conference.

On the 16th a reception seminar was held in Cuban consulate office in Dhaka. Many journalists, political leaders and cultural leaders attended the program, including Alejandro Cao De Benos, president, worldwide spain based KFA, Vipin Gupta, editor of world events, INDIA, JAVED ANSARI, OFFICIAL DELEGATE-KFA-PAKISTAN, ADVOCATE JAMILUDDIN BURNEY, PAKISTAN, HE IS ALSO A EDITOR OF DAILY NEWS PAPER OF KARACHI, MANA SAPMAK, OFFICIAL DELEGATE-THIALAND, attended as chief guest and special guests respectively. Video addressing by GLORIA LA RIVA, COORDINATOR, NATIONAL COMMITTEE TO FREE THE CUBAN FIVE, made our events very colorful. M JAHANGIR KHAN, member of free the cuban five international, USA based and official delegate-Bangladesh of KFA world wide modarated the event and handed over special crests, for free the cuban five and korean reunification supporting 5000 Signatures volumes and t shirts-caps, for ICAP to mr. obeid jaigirdar, cuban consol of cuba in Bangladesh, for DPRK to Mr, Ri kawng, deputy head of the mission of DPRK in Bangladesh, for GLDRIA LA RIVA TO MR. OBIED JAIGIRDAR,TO ALEJANDRO CAO DE BENO PRESIDENT, KFA WORLDWIDE,SPAIN, TO JAVED ANSARI OFFICIAL DELEGATE-KFA- PAKISTAN AND MR. VIPIN GUPTA, EDITOR OF WORLD EVENTS,INDIAS.with the courtesy of honorary head of the chancery of the Republic of Cuba a dinner followed to pay the respect of the distughed guests of home and aboard.


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