Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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Partial list of jurists and other attendees at the
Oral Arguments hearing of the Cuban Five
Monday, August 20, 2007

1. Dagoberto Rodríguez, Chief, Cuban Interests Section, Washington DC
2. Roberto González, Support to Cuban Five legal team, Cuban attorney, brother of René González
3. Judge Juan Guzmán, Chilean judge, directed the prosecution of Augusto Pinochet
4. Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General, international human rights attorney
5. Cynthia McKinney, Former member, U.S. Congress (two terms)
6. Rafael Anglada, Member, Cuban Five defense team; attorney in Puerto Rico
7. Paolo Lins e Silva, President of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), attorney in Brazil
8. Dr. Cezar Britto Aragão, President, The Attorney’s Order of Brazil; Dir., Int’l Relations of Brazilian Assoc. of Labor Attorneys; Advisor to Econ. And Social Development Council for Human Rights
9. Uriel Gómez Ceballos, Ex-magistrate, Bogotá, Colombia
10. Dr. Norman Paech MdB, Expert in International law, member of Parliament of the Left, Germany
11. Eddy Boutmans, Former member, Belgian Senate (1995-1999); State secretary for Development cooperation in Belgian fed’l government for the Green party, author on Belgian law
12. Paul Bekaert, Human rights attorney, President, Bar Association of Bruges (Flemish Belgium) representing 7,000 attorneys; Board member, Human Rights League
13. Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild
14. Eberhard Schultz, International human rights attorney, Basta Ya network, Germany
15. Edith Flamand, Belgian attorney, Progressive Lawyers Network
16. Fabio Marcelli, Deputy Secretary-General, IADL, attorney in Italy
17. Vanessa Ramos,President, American Association of Jurists, USA
18. Father Geoffrey Bottoms, Coordinator, British Campaign to Free the Miami Five; English priest
19. Dwyer, Bernie, Correspondent, Radio Habana Cuba
20. Sloan, William, President, Canada Association of American Jurists; Quebec attorney
21. Tecla M. Faranda, International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Italy; attorney in Milan
22. Gloria La Riva, Coordinator, National Committee to Free the Five, USA
23. Victor Chirinos, Venezuela, member, Latin American Parliament
24. Andrés Gómez, National Coordinator, Antonio Maceo Brigade, Miami
25. Alicia Jrapko, Co-coordinator, International Committee to Free the Cuban Five
26. José Pertierra, Attorney for Venezuela in Posada extradition matter
27. Jeanne Mirer, Continental President, International Association of Democratic Lawyers
28. Judge Claudia Morcom, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge (Michigan), retired, civil rights activist
29. Martín Sánchez Parodi, Washington attorney
30. Fernanda Batista Loureiro, Journalist for the Brazilian Order of Attorneys
31. Elizabeth Sanchez, Venezuela, assistant to Victor Chirinos
32. Kathleen Cleaver, Professor, Emory College of Law; author
33. Brian Spears, Civil rights attorney, Atlanta, member of National Lawyers Guild
34. Gary Flack, Atlanta attorney, Co-host of Cuban 5 reception
35. William Paparian, Criminal defense attorney, former mayor of Pasadena California
36. Barbara Martin, Attorney, Public Defenders Office, Los Angeles
37. Enrique Arévalo, Immigration attorney, Los Angeles
38. Sobukwe Shukura, Co-coordinator, National Network on Cuba
39. Cheryl La Bash, Michigan Committee to Free the Cuban Five
40. Jacinto Valdez, President, Alliance of Workers of the Cuban Community, Miami
41. Damian Díaz, President, José Martí Association, Miami
42. Reinero Mesa, Member, José Martí Association, Miami
43. Ramón Coll, Treasurer, La Alianza Martiana (Marti Alliance), Miami
44. Morales, Harold, President, La Alianza Martiana (Martí Alliance), Miami
45. Tony Llanso, Member, Antonio Maceo Brigade, Miami
46. Rosa Peñate, Member, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
47. Christopher Banks, Member, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
48. Silvio Rodrigues, Member, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
49. Geertrui Lagrain, Belgium
50. Azize Tank, Germany

Juan Guzman (right), Chilean judge who led the prosecution of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, and appeals attorney Leonard Weinglass (left)

Dr. Cezar Britto (standing), President,
Order of Brazilian Attorneys, at the Sunday reception, along with other attendees including José Pertierra (seated, pink shirt), attorney for Venezuela in the extradition case of Luis Posada Carriles



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